Higher Ed: Getting your MS in Medical Cannabis

At the turn of the millennia, I began my college career at a large university with a fairly clear focus of what I wanted my major to be: business. I decided to focus on International Business, not only because it would increase my chances of working for a large company post graduation, but also because I was always fascinated by how the rest of the world's businesses outside of the States managed their sales, marketing, finances and the like. At the time, I would have never guessed that majoring in a medical cannabis degree would ever be an option, nor was I even aware of the extensive research already underway that would discover cannabis's multi-faceted healing properties. Let's face it, the only cannabis research I knew was of my own doing with my dorm comrades and in the secrecy of our shoe-box sized rooms, windows open and incense burning.

Yet here we are today, in a time where nursing, chemistry and pharmacy students now have an opportunity to not only study cannabis as part of their coursework, but even pursue an entire masters degree in medical cannabis at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. And they're not alone. From courses like "Cannabis Science and Medicine" at the University of Vermont, to "Medicinal Cannabis and Chronic Pain" at the University of Washington, higher ed students from coast to coast can prepare themselves for entering one of the fastest growing industries in the country (the cannabis industry grew 44% last year, and 2020 is forecasted to surpass that growth).

I am beyond thrilled for these students and excited to see how the next generation of healers in the western world incorporate medical cannabis into their treatment plans. For more information on where you can study medical cannabis coursework, checkout the following article from our friends at Leafly: