No more pills: Using CBD for Anti-Inflammation

We all suffer from inflammation at some point in our lives, whether it's from injury or chronic conditions. Although over-the-counter medications, like NSAIDs, can offer short-term relief, they can also cause long-term side effects with prolonged use over time, such as depleting your stomach and intestinal lining. For safe and effective inflammation relief, CBD can be party of a daily regimen without damage to your digestive system, and can be enjoyed in the form of a smoothie or in your morning cup of coffee. We’ve included some of our favorite recipes on our blog page that include Salvarae’s own CBD oil (in original and unflavored formulas) to help get you inspired.

For more food for thought about trading in your ibuprofen for cannabis alternatives, check out this article by our friends at Project CBD (one of our most trusted sources for the latest in CBD research and news):