CBD Drops Cinnamon

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Our CBD Drops are great for daytime and nighttime use. Similar to our primary salve products, our CBD Drops are focused on providing healing without psychoactive effects. Our CBD Drops may be effective for pain, inflammation, nausea, tension, headaches, anxiety, and more. Adding CBD to your daily routine may help with focus, regulating sleep and wake cycles, and may provide a grounded state of well-being.


Ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD, Avocado Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Cinnamon Bark Oil

Suggested Use: One dropper full twice daily; increase as needed.

Each 1oz bottle contains 300mg of CBD, approximately 10mg per full dropper.

Each 4oz bottle contains 1,200mg of CBD, approximately 10mg per full dropper.

Buy two 4oz CBD Drops and receive 15% off the second bottle!