Our Founder

Growing up in a small Northern California town, Salvarae Founder Bonnie Borgeson was no stranger to hemp and its uses. She always knew it was a powerful medicinal force, but it was an experience spanning over a decade ago where she saw the staggering benefits that cannabidiol might bring.

It was when she was working at a non-profit for Cerebral Palsy patients that she truly felt inspired to create the Salvarae product line. “These patients would struggle to say their names, and it was just heartbreaking to watch,” Bonnie recounts. But after the patients were given high concentrations of CBD medicine, they were able to relax their tense, clenched muscles and their ability to speak was vastly improved.

Blown away by the immediate relief that these patients experienced, a seed was planted and Bonnie began researching the potential benefits of CBD as a topical treatment. Diving into holistic medicine and cannabis studies, she made her first batch of salve using high-quality CBD in a crockpot at home.

Soon, what started as an after-work hobby quickly became something much bigger. Everyone who tried it — from friends who would use it for everyday backaches, menstrual cramps or insomnia, to those who would apply it to severe psoriasis or even to treat HIV pain — kept coming back for more. “You can’t stop making this!” they would tell her.

She then started creating different versions of the salve, using aromatherapy principles and organic botanicals to enrich the salves with therapeutic scents. This became the foundation for our Soothing Original and Cooling Mint salves, and launched Salvarae to becoming an LLC in 2016.

“Everyone experiences pain, and everyone wants relief,” explains Bonnie. As a luminary in holistic health and self-care, she recognized the importance of multiple modalities to most effectively deliver CBD’s healing powers in order to meet the many ailments of her customers. Continuing to make her salves in small batches and with the highest quality, full-spectrum CBD flower, Bonnie broadened her product offerings from topical salves and bath soak to sublingual CBD drops, for both humans and pets.

As Bonnie’s recipes and product line grew, so did Salvarae’s brand awareness, distribution and team. From direct to consumer sales online, to wholesalers making products available at their own retail locations across the country, Salvarae has become a household name for self-care.

With integrity and mindfulness, our products will continue to be made with the highest quality ingredients and most importantly, with love. Salvarae’s mission is to make CBD an accessible alternative to all those who seek natural and safe relief from everyday ailments.

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Welcome to the art of modern healing.