Lab Tests

Our objective with Salvarae products is to bring alternative, organic healing options to the world. We source organic ingredients to create safe products, beautifully scented with organic essential oils and free of synthetic fragrances.
Our product line includes drops, salves, nourishing cacao, and personal care products including body oil, bath soak, and deodorant.
For each of our products, you can find the third party lab results verifying the quality of the ingredients that we use. As the test results indicate, we use hemp-derived CBD (cannabidiol) containing less than 3% THC. This is the legal definition of hemp CBD, and this is the standard authorized by the Agricultural Improvement Bill.
The lab tests also verify that the oil extracted from the hemp plant for our products meets the safety standards for any trace pesticides or herbicides. We are committed to clean cultivation practices, which is why we source organic ingredients for our high quality products.


Soothing Original Salve 2oz

Soothing Original Salve 4oz

Cooling Mint Salve 2oz

Cooling Mint Salve 4oz

Topical Oils

Soothing Original CBD Bath Body Massage Oil

Cooling Mint CBD Bath Body Massage Oil

Bath Soak

Soothing Original Bath Soak

CBD Oil Drops

Unflavored CBD Oil Drops 1oz

Unflavored CBD Oil Drops 4oz

CBD Drops 1oz

CBD Drops 4oz

CBD Drops for Pets 1oz

CBD Drops for Pets 4oz


CBD Deodorant 

- Cedarwood Cypress Lime

- Jasmine Gardenia

- Vanilla Rose

- Unscented

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