"I just want to let you know how much I have appreciated your products these last few weeks. I usually use it for basic stiffness and sleep, but this week I had overdone the running and the back of my knee was tied up in knots. I slathered on some of the salve before bed and it worked like a charm!!"

- Melanie J.

"There is no quick fix for 41 years of chronic eczema, but this salve soothes the intensity of itchiness in a unique way. It feels like when the salve is absorbed into the skin, the brain is affected and the itch is amazingly transformed. It almost feels like a sensation retraining. There is nothing like having the pain of an itch turn into sweet ease, full body and mind relaxation. I feel so grateful to have tried this salve. I call it "Salvation." It's the most amazing massage salve I've ever used, for the receiver and the giver. Thank you, creator of this salve; it makes life better and enhances my loving interactions"


"I am writing this testimonial to wholeheartedly recommend the Salvarae CBD Salve to everyone experiencing joint, muscle, nerve or bone pain. I have used it personally with great success on many occasions. I have also provided the product to six of my friends and family members for multiple pain issues and each of them has described the salve as "miraculous." The product is the most effective salve I have ever used and will continue to advocate its use to everyone I know that is experiencing pain issues."

- Steven K.

"I have been in the holistic health industry for 30 years, and as a Chinese medicine physician for the last 20. I try, sniff, taste, and research tons of products all the time, including CBD products. I have high standards and am skeptical of every product I try. Salvarae is the best salve for healing contusions and calming I have ever tried (and I have even made my own over the years). The way it takes away pain and inflammation from injury is nothing short of miraculous. Every patient I give it to wants more. It's also relaxing and just the smell of it, even if you were never to apply it, is so delicious and worth a purchase. Lastly, the product is the highest quality CBD salve I have found, hands down. It's formulated with quality, organic ingredients and a high standard of care that shines through on the first sniff upon opening the cute little jar! I guarantee this product as if I made it myself."

- Jack Adam Weber, L.Ac.

"Complete and utter game-changer. I feel transformed. I used to have a difficult time just getting to the store or getting errands done because my joints and lower back hurt so much. Those days are long gone. Now I'm walking my dog three times a day and I feel like my quality of life has increased so much. Seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- Julia M.

"I'm in love ♡♡♡. This is by far the best pain relief I have found! I have tried both the soothing original and cooling mint and man, is this stuff amazing! I prefer the mint because I like the way it feels on my skin, cool and relieving."

- Scott H.

"Wow. This salve is amazing.  I've turned my mom and my sister onto this and we all love it. Thank you so much."

- Deborah M.

"My 37-year-old son has had a long history of addiction and sleep deprivation. What came first? It has been a cyclical battle for years. The medical world medicated him. It was not a good option for him. My son was desperate for help. He tried other CBD oils, special oils, very expensive oils from England. Nothing really helped. When you can’t sleep, life looks very bleak. 

A friend suggested we call Bonnie. She listened as I told her my son’s story. Bonnie recommended her CBD drops for sleep and anxiety. We ordered some. Thanks to Bonnie it shipped quickly. Now the great news! My son had a great reaction to the oil. In just a few days, he began to sleep. His sleep rhythms became steady. He was able to go to sleep and sleep throughout the night. His need to medicate with alcohol is gone. Life is steady and his quality of life has improved immensely. This miracle has lasted well over a year, maybe more. 

We have sent others to Bonnie for help. She is well informed, warm, compassionate, and caring. 

My son feels this CBD oil may well have saved his life. I am a retired RN. Our entire family takes CBD oil. Our 3 doggies take the pet oil. One little pooch is 20 and still had a bounce in his step. Bojangles says “thanks.” The salve is also great. I use it all the time. Thank you Bonnie!"

- M. R.